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        Cato Group
        Cato Group
        Cato Group
        Cato Construction
        Project Design
        OEM Manufacturing and Fabrication

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        Cato Construction Company

        Shop Services & Capabilities

        Our 60,000+ square feet of shop and assembly area
        allows us to handle jobs of any size.

        Main Fabrication Bay
        Main Fabrication Bay

        Loading dock area and truck bay
        Loading Dock Area & Truck Bay

        FMB Saw Titan
        9"X10" 60° Miter Band Saw

        600 AMP CNC Plasma Table
        600 Amp CNC Plasma Table 8' x 20' 
        Capable of piercing and cutting up to 3" of carbon or stainless.

        400 Ton Press Brake 14' Long
        400 Ton Press Brake - 14' Long

        48" x 13 1/2" Pedestal Radial Drill
        48" x 13 1/2" Pedestal Radial Drill

        125 ton capacity iron worker
        125 Ton Capacity Universal Ironworker

        15"x20" Degree Miter Semi-Automatic Band Saw
        15" x 20" 60° Miter Semi-Automatic Band Saw

        Van Norman Mill
        Van Norman Mill

        Miscellaneous Equipment:

        • Shop Press
        • 3 Manual Hand Plasma Machines
        • 7 Welding Machines
        • 5 Ton Overhead Cranes
        • Various Forklifts up to 10,000lb capacity
        • Access Equipment 

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