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        Cato Group
        Cato Group
        Cato Group
        Cato Group
        Cato Construction
        Project Design
        OEM Manufacturing and Fabrication

        Request Information

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                    Cato Construction Company is an Industrial Contractor that specializes in Material Handling, Crushing, Screening, Conveying, New Turnkey, Retrofits and Maintenance Projects.   We are looking for experienced, self motivated applicants in the following fields:

        • Industrial Construction Foreman
        • AutoCAD Design
        • Shop Management
        • Welding
        • Layout / Shop Work
        • CNC Plasma Operator
        • Press Brake Operator
        • Estimating / Scheduling

        To apply, please Download our application and e-mail to rosie@catoconstruction.com or fax (979) 830-8870.

        Cato Group

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